Commercial Services

GEWS Commercial Services - Blockages


GEWS Ltd have a large and comprehensive fleet of high-pressure water jetting units that are capable of clearing blockages affecting small diameter drains to large sewer and culverts, ranging from 150mm to 1,500mm drains. We have the capability for off road /remote access utilising a tracked remote reel and tractor mounted units. For larger diameters, man access can also be arranged. With a range of specialist jetting equipment, we have the ability to clear build ups of debris and blockages made up of encrustation, silt, concrete and rust scale.

GEWS Ltd will provide trained operatives with appropriate RAMS (risk assessment and method statements) to cover Health and Safety, and Environmental aspects.

We can also deal with the clean-up of overspilled sewage following a blocked drain. This will include wash down and disinfection of the affected area, including removal of any debris.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting and desilting is how drains, sewers, pipes, and chambers are kept functioning correctly. With our vast range of equipment and vehicles, we have the capability to clean industrial and public sewer lines (rain and waste water) and also remove and safely dispose of the sediments clogging them. Using high pressure water jetting, the build up of silt is broken down and is flushed downstream where it is vacuumed from the next manhole. We remove all sorts of residue from sumps, pits, and grease traps to ensure a running drainage system.

Additionally, we have a range of nozzles such as flails, bombs, and root cutters, for any stubborn obstructions that can’t be cleared by high pressure water jetting alone.

GEWS Commercial Services - Drain Jetting

GEWS Commercial Services - Culvert Cleansing

Culvert Cleansing

GEWS Ltd can utilise the high pressure jetting and vacuumation as a method to cleanse storm water and highway culverts /structures of accumulated silt/gravels and detritus to return the hydraulic capacity to as laid condition.

Where appropriate, particular for older stone built culverts a CCTV survey is carried out to confirm condition and then guide, cleansing by high volume flow as opposed to high pressure. GEWS Ltd can provide a repair service either as confined space entry or dig down and repair or replace. In certain circumstances a lining solution may also be appropriate and we will assist the Client in determining the best whole life solution or “work to budget”.

This method can be also used for below bridges and other structures where access is difficult or working widths restricted to remove accumulated debris and detritus either as part of pre storm works or post flooding events where structures have been compromised by build of silts/gravels carried down by storm/flood flows.

CCTV Drain Surveying

Following a blockage, it is quite often necessary to have a CCTV survey carried out to determine the exact cause so the appropriate measure can be taken to avoid further blockages. It may be just a general maintenance issue, where drainage hasn’t been cleaned, or scale and silt deposits form, which require high pressure water jetting to clean. However, if the problem is more extensive, then a full report can be generated together with a site plan and photographs of the exact defects along with a comprehensive quotation to carry out the repair work.

GEWS Ltd have a comprehensive range of CCTV units that are capable of surveying small diameter drains up to large sewer and culverts (range from 100mm to 1,500mm). With larger diameter, this can include man entry.

All our CCTV operators work to OS19X (the industry benchmark) standards.

GEWS Commercial Services - CCTV Surveying

GEWS Commercial Services - Gully, Catchpit and Linear Drainage Cleansing

Gully, Catchpit and Linear Drainage Cleansing

Gullies, catchpits, and linear drainage take storm water run-off from roads and paved areas. Often, they become blocked with dead leaves, soil, and other items, preventing the efficient flow of water from the gully grating to the outlet/drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to road and paved area surfaces. Gully cleaning removes any debris from the gullies and restores full operation. GEWS Ltd can provide a specialist drain and gully cleaning service to carry out all drain and gully cleaning work; not just the public highway network but for car park or factory estates.

GEWS Ltd gully cleaning operations are carried out to the highest level; we are currently working with several local authorities across Wales and England. GEWS Ltd have a range of vehicles with trained operators and undertake gully and catch pit cleaning, linear drainage (ACO channels/”Beany” kerbs) and inter connecting pipework.

High, Medium & Low volume tankers available

Confined Space Entry

GEWS Ltd fully understands the Health & Safety requirements of carrying out complex programs of work in confined spaces and/or challenging environments. We have several dedicated and highly trained staff, along with a portfolio of specialist protective equipment, who can carry out an array of services within confined spaces. GEWS Ltd regularly work within wet wells, sumps, pumping stations and other “spaces” providing maintenance and/or carrying out repairs in manholes/culverts. We can offer the expertise and peace of mind to complete this potentially dangerous area of work safety. We will provide a trained team with suitable equipment and the necessary risk assessments and method statements.

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GEWS Commercial Services - Liquid Waste Tankering

Liquid Waste Tankering

GEWS Ltd can provide a range of road tankers (including off road tractor and trailer combinations) to handle your liquid waste disposal from collection to disposal point. We have a fully maintained road fleet with trained driver /operators that can deliver both a regular service (as we do for land fill leachate and sewage waste from treatment works), or emergency response in time of rising main bursts or flooding/pollution events. We will provide a full service to include the H&S and Environmental aspects to include all necessary permissions, consignment notes and licences.

GEWS Ltd are a fully licenced waste carrier (copy of licence available in download section of this website)
We can also assist with waste sampling and testing to ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly.

Deep Well Cleaning

GEWS Ltd have the capabilities to carry out the cleansing of deep wells, also known as wet wells or pumping stations, for both commercial and private clients. Over a period of time, waste and debris can build up, reducing the efficiency of the plant, or possibly, damage the equipment.

With the use of our experienced staff and specialist equipment, GEWS Ltd can undertake the cleansing of the most difficult of wells, including by means of confined space entry, when required. All of our confined space staff are trained to high risk confined space category, including the use of full breathing apparatus where normal ventilation is not possible.

GEWS Commercial Services - wet well cleaning

GEWS Commercial Services - tank cleaning

Tank Cleaning

GEWS Ltd offer the services of commercial tank cleaning. Where possible, the cleansing will be undertaken without the need for confined space entry. However, in other circumstances, we will use our experienced confined space crew to make entry, and by the use of high-pressure water jetting, jet all surfaces clean and vacuum the waste into our assisting vehicles.

Interceptor Waste disposal

GEWS Ltd can offer a comprehensive interceptor / oil separator waste removal service with minimum disruption to your business. We can offer two levels of service.

Our most popular is a scheduled service whereby clients meet their statuary obligations by regular removal of waste and cleaning of their interceptors. We can also offer an on-demand emergency service where we can respond rapidly to adverse environmental incidents.

In non-emergency situations we have developed multi pick up schedules that enable us to cut and spread the transportation cost between clients. We also offer a forecourt & car wash bay cleaning service - this is an important part of pre-planned maintenance for garages and service stations.

GEWS Ltd are a fully licenced waste carrier (copy of licence available in download section of this website)
We can also assist with waste sampling and testing to ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly.

GEWS Commercial Services - interceptor waste disposal

GEWS Commercial Services - welfare units servicing

Welfare Units Servicing

Welfare units are self-contained facilities, usually found on construction sites, with their own water supply and waste system. GEWS Ltd can offer to service these facilities, by supplying potable drinking water to refill the water tanks, whilst also emptying the waste tanks.

This can be done on an ad-hoc basis, or we can set up a recurring visit, as often as needed, to ensure that the welfare units are always ready to use to make life on site, that little bit easier.

Septic Tank Emptying/De-Sludging of Treatment Plants

Septic tanks, cesspits and treatment plants need to be at the very least annually to prevent issues arising such as overflow, pollution, foul odours, to name a few. Within our fleet, we have a range of vacuum tankers, starting at 1000gallons up to 7000gallons, meaning we can assist with most tank empties. The vehicles come in varying sizes, with some having off road capabilities, which helps with access issues, as septic tanks are more often than not, in hard-to-reach areas.

We also offer a wash down service, as well as a septic tank inspection should your tank need that little extra attention.

Our operator will undertake a visual appraisal of your tank and under new NRW/EA requirements sign off on the attendance register. Should there be an issue GEWS Ltd can assist by undertaking a more detailed assessment and provide a recommendation and quote for any work that is required.

GEWS Commercial Services - septic tank emptying

GEWS Commercial Services - Sewerage Pumping Stations/Treatment Plants Cleansing and Servicing

Sewerage Pumping Stations/Treatment Plants Cleansing and Servicing

Regular servicing helps keep your equipment working efficiently and prevents breakdowns. We provide a fast response in emergency situations as well as maintenance contracts. We aim to offer a friendly professional workmanlike service to the domestic, commercial, and industrial users of sewage treatment plants.

Our service commitment provides you with:

• A service tailored to suit the individual site and clients requirements.
• Reliable and cost effective solutions.
• A worry free operation of your pumping / sewage plant.
• Pumping / sewage plant emptying and cleaning.
• 24 hour cover, 365 days a year.